NWADO counts landmark achievements in 2021, seeks to help Cameroonians Access Land tenure Documents

Tombir Stanley, Coordinator of NWADO speaking to the Press

Young Cameroonians who were born before 1974 have had it very difficult to access land. This as the current 1974 land ordinance allocates land certificates only to those who were born before then.

This very difficult scenario is further compounded with the difficult and lengthy procedure taken to secure a land certificate.

From the administration to the land consultative board, to surveyors, there is a chain of serious bribery along the way, preying on the lack of available information at the end of the user.

To curb on these malpractices in the land tenure sector as well as the delivery of goods and services in the public sector, the North West Association of Development Organisations, NWADO, is executing a project aimed at "Amplifying civil society voice for Quality service Delivery in the public sector in the North West Region."

Workshop organised by NWADO in the course of 2021

Funded by the Active Citizenship strengthening Program, PROCIVIS, the project has been able to develop a land app. This app helps those who want to procure land titles to easily understand the procedure and documents required.

Speaking to the press as NWADO concluded 2021, its Coordinator, Tombir Stanley accepted that enormous strides had been made with so many persons using the land App. Though the App is still to be applicable on Apple store and function properly in French, the purpose of the App is to target 40 to 50% of persons currently struggling to secure land documents.

The project is also actively involved in the contract procedure and award system in Cameroon.

The current socio-political crisis in the North West and South West regions have given rise to ghost contracts and contractors who win contracts, execute them poorly or even abandon as control engineers find it difficult to access the contract sites.

To help communities better understand this, NWADO has trained persons to minor investment projects in 7 council areas spread across five Divisions in the North West Region.

The monitors are expected to report on budgetary executions as  most allocations during the period of the crisis are not used for the intended purpose.

In 2021, NWADO organised several workshops with members of the civil society, aimed at improving their knowledge of the contract procedure and land tenure sector with a desire to see an improvement and close monitoring of this activity on the ground.

As a way to help government, NWADO was able to produce a document on land tenure reforms pending a final read and adoption.

When adopted, the document will be proposed to government for adoption and implementation. This will give rise to easy access to land especially by the youth who want to carryout investments or own property.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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