Tubah Mayor tells Amba off, says Collection of taxes, development must continue

Deputy Mayors of the Tubah Council 

The Mayor of the municipality of Tubah has called on business persons operating in his municipality to either pay taxes or leave.

The message sent through councillors came after the Mayor and several others were threatened by pro separatist leaders abroad after contributing towards the realization of Bambili Water scheme.

Mayor Tanjong Martin told the councillors that business persons must pay their taxes and contribute effectively for the development of the subdivision. Taxes he says he started collecting.

To those standing against development, the Mayor said;"they cannot drag Tubah behind. We cannot be trying to ensure that the population gets better services and others are only thinking of destroying. I can never be party to such things."

The Mayor was addressing councillors are they converge on Tubah for the examination and voting of the 2022 budget which is balance in income and expenditure at 784.3 million Francs.

The budget witnesses a 12% increase, up from 682.9 million in 2021.

Tubah Council envisages to construct a mini transit site for cattles in Sabga, open a council Mortuary to ease the preservation of corpses and open some 32 lockup sheds in the council area.

The councillors who were very happy with the projects presented and also projects envisaged to be insert in the 2022 budget, voted the budget as presented.

This is the first time that this council area is   recovering taxes since the start of the armed conflict in the North West and South West regions in 2016.

Utility companies like electricity and water have had it difficult to recover money because of the growing insecurity that has forced recovery agents to run away from the hinterlands.

But for Bambili, the other villages in Tubah like Kedjom Keku, Kedjom Ketinguh and Bambui have been off the radar in the payment of taxes in the subdivision.

His Majesty, the Fon of Bambui, informed the councillors that in no distant future, the village will begin supporting the council in the nearest future.

Tubah Council, leader in transforming plastic waste to blocks will recommence the activity in 2022.

The council also seeks to employ skilled labour to manage the several water schemes in the various villages.

Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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