Growth, successes Expected in Bamendakwe as Fon cleanses land

His Majesty, Fon Forchesiri III

The people of Bamendakwe, one of the seven villages that make up the city of Bamenda in North West Cameroon, have rejoiced with dances as the new year promises to be fruitful, fertile and blessed.

This joy came as the traditional ruler of the Village, His Majesty Fon Forchesiri III and Chief Priest slaughtered a goat at the middle of his palace cleansing the land of any atrocities, and appealing to the gods of the land for total forgiveness.

The villagers converged on His Majesty's palace to celebrate the life and legacy of the grandfather of the sitting Fon, His Majesty Forsuh Forchesiri II, who disappeared in 1989 after ruling the kingdom for 57 years. 

According to the tradition of the people, this celebration known locally as the Neukwe Iboro is performed when one of the sons of sitting Fon attains the age of firing a dane gun. 

Unfortunately, the former Fon who passed on in 2020 did not organize the Neukwe Iboro of his father. 

For this reason, sons and daughters of Bamendakwe from far and near converged on the palace to carry home their blessings, most witnessing the celebrations for the first time. 

Fon Forchesiri III opened the celebration by crossing on burning sticks, signifying the resistance of the people and no storm can blow them away. 

From one dance group to another, from one masquerade to another, the villagers enjoyed the tradition handed to them by their ancestors. At every stop, the Fon and Fons of other villages who came to support him, moved to accompany the dances. 

The celebration was void of the usual gun shooting because the North West Region, where Bamendakwe is found has been in an armed conflict for five years now. 

Masquerades of Bamendakwe

Settled on the hills of Bamenda since 1902, the people of Bamendakwe are very hardworking and produce agricultural food items like Irish potatoes, coco yams and with the rich forest reserves, a Bamendakwe man is also known for producing charcoal. 

The Neukwe Iboro, which ends on the 2nd January 2022, was attended by the Representative of the Governor of the North West Region, Viang Mekala. 

He encouraged the population to continue living in peace and noted that the defense and security forces are working for them at all times. 

Traditional dances from quarter to quarter will continue celebrating the legacy of Fon Forsuh Forchesiri II till January 2nd. 

The next Neukwe Iboro is expected in the next 15 years when one of the sons of the current Fon, born on leopard skin can shoot a dane gun and His Majesty Forchesiri III is expected to be the first Fon of the village to celebrate two Neukwe Iboro. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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