Ex-combatants cry for reintegration, fetes with administration

Ex-combatants at the Decentralised Demobilisation and Reintegration committee DDR centre in Bamenda have cried for reintegration into the society after spending years at the center and acquiring numerous skills.

Reacting shortly after a friendly encounter between the Ex-combatants and the administration of Bamenda II municipality, were the boys beat administration 2#1, the boys say they are ready to be integrated and to intend attract others to the center.  

"I was in the bush for more than two years and achieving nothing so I decided to lay down my arms. I have been in the center for 2years and waiting for the government to say something on our stay in the center. Like the match we won today as you can see me holding the cup in my hand, we are very happy about the cup because to play with an administration is not an easy job and it also shows that we have change. The more they removed us from the center the more those who are still out there in bush will be able to came to the center." An ex-combatant highlighted 

Nicholas Nkongoh DO of Bamenda II council flanked by Director DDR and 1St Deputy Mayor Bamenda City Council 

Nicholas Nkongoh DO of Bamenda II council who scored the lone goal for the administration of Bamenda II, has laid an appeal to the entire public to support the ex-combatants who have dropped their weapons to help them gain a place in the society. 

"The message we are sending home is that all Cameroonians and North Westerners should stand behind these children who have listened to the called of the head of state to drop their arms and they are now in the DDR  center. You can see that the children are fine and you only saw one of the many activities , they do alot activities and are very at home. So the message we want to send strongly is that those who were fighting each other yesterday are now playing as partners today." Nicholas Nkongoh DO Bamenda II 

Kum Henry Director of DDR Bamenda with optimism says the children have been impacted with several skills which will see them through in life while mentioning the challenges faced. 

Kum Henry Ichu Director DDR Bamenda

"All along we have been chasing the shadow but let us profit from this young people, some of them didn't have jobs because they lacked the skills we need to build the skills in them so that they can become very productive in the society. 
Of course there are challenges, the first thing is that one of our cry is that we should get out as many of this young people in the bushes as possible and that is why the young people who are already in the center are working very closely with me for us to see how we can get out some of their friends, brothers and sisters who are still carrying guns out there, they should come to the DDR CENTER, they should came and benefit from the largest of the head of state." Kum Henry Ichu explained 

These are coming after a friendly game played between ex-combatants of DDR and the administration of Bamenda II Municipality which ended 2#1 in favor of Ex-combatants. 

Anye Nde Nsoh

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