Civil-Military cooperation: Gen Nka Inaugurates Refurbished GS Nwa

Gen Nka officially opening the refurbished classrooms

The commander of the 5th Joint Military Region, Brigadier General Nka Valere has officially opened a four classroom block refurbished at Government School Nwa.

The block that had been abandoned for close to 10 years caused a serious challenge to the functioning of the school that had a serious influx of pupils from neighbouring villages at the wake of the Anglophone crisis in 2016.

Head Teacher explaining the difficulties of the school

From Sabongari to Ntong where schools were not going, the pupil population rose to above 670 according to the Head teacher, Mbucksek Comfort.

She narrated that learning space became so small that pupils needed to sit right close to the board.

In a move to solving the situation, the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) engaged in the flooring of two classrooms on a block constructed by them but the roof was licking.

The situation became further worsen that kids could not still study in the classroom.

The PTA President, Nginkuh Nathan and the Head Teacher appealed to the Mayor of the Nwa council, who decided to instead construct the roof of the abandoned block. Six months after, it was swept away by the wind.

The Elite of Nwa then resulted to the 5th Joint military region for help.

Brigadier General Nka Valere while visiting the structure promised the Head teacher that the works have completed but not to his satisfaction.

"The children do not only deserve a classroom but I think we should add a ceiling."

The General also promised to look at the building under the care of the PTA whose sorry state can no longer accommodate pupils.

This refurbished block takes the number of classrooms from 5 to 9 meaning the pairing of some classes have officially come to an end.

The head teacher says the school has never shut its doors even when the crisis in the North West region started with the announcement of school boycotts.

She further expressed her joy that other communities in Nwa Subdivision have embraced the education of their kids and other schools that where not functional at the headquarters of the subdivision are now open.

In songs, the pupils expressed thanks to the General with a hope that the cooperation between the school and the army will lead to better study conditions.

GS Nwa currently has a pupil population of 364.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis on special Assignment in Nwa

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