Bambili Water Project: Over 76 million raised, Hon Agho Oliver, friends support

Hon Agho Oliver at the Bambili Fon's Palace 

The Member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah constituency has rallied friends of Tubah and his  associates to contribute for the Bambili Water Project.

In a fund raising ceremony conducted at the Bambili Fon's Palace on Saturday 4th December 2021, Honourable Agho Oliver was saluted for using his position to bring the sum 1,425,000 frs to support the project.

With Minister Paul Atanga Nji of Territorial Administration donating 600,000, Minister Felix Mbayu, 100,000, Mr and Mrs Tamajong, 100,000. Mr Monju Johnson Vishi, 100,000. Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence donating 25,000 frs, Mr and Mrs Justice Malegho who donated 500,000 frs and Madam Jessica Newi Lengha, 100,000 frs.

The Hon Agho Oliver personally donated 300,000 Francs to the project.

Estimated to cost 600 million francs, the construction of the Bambili Water Project will go a long way to salvage the student population who are in dire need of the precious liquid.

While reading the names of those who contributed through him, the Member of Parliament told the project and organizing committee that his is more than ready to accompany the project to its completion point.

His Majesty the Fon of Bambili 

Like the Fon of Bambili describes him as one man who is not just a hunter but knows the bush.

A total of 76.4 million francs was raised during the second phase of the fundraising.

Bambili currently has a water scheme but it's capacity cannot satisfy the people of Bambili and the over 25000 university population.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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