12 fighters, General Scatter heed to Biya's call for peace in Bamenda

Repentant 'General' Scatter lay down arms

At the Bamenda commercial grandstand Wednesday October 6th, marking day two of the prime minister- Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute's stay in the North West region, some 13 young men in their early 20's were presented as seperatist fighters who are just from dropping their weapons.

One who identified himself as "general scatter" confessed that they're just from handing over 2Ak's, a Pop action and two Dane Guns to the military before showing up at the grandstand.

In pidgin-english he said:

"Ma name na general scatter, a sure say wunna don di hear about me, we Don just hand over 2Ak, 1Pop action and 2 Kontri gun for the military before we kam for hear"

He also confessed that the 13 of them realized that picking up arms against a state they were suppose to help develop and protect was wrong and have come to their senses.

12 others join Scatter to drop weapons

The PM who is on a 4-day stay in the region to preach peace and better explained to the people of the North West how far government has gone with the implementation of the resolutions of the Major National dialogue shall Continue to grant a number of audiences to peace crusaders till Friday October 8th.

He shall be leaving the region for other duties away from the region that same Friday according to the program.

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