Hope For Passengers As Military Clears Baricaded Bambui- Fundong Road

North West Governor on field visit to the road

Patients seeking medical attention at the Mbingo Baptist hospital and other health facilities in Boyo Division  have expressed hope  after  Defense and Security forces cleared some 58 trucks and cars which suspected  Separatists used to block the stretch since August 4, 2021. Patients and travellers had since then, used few courageous Commercial   motorcycles through some foot paths to reach out to  Boyo Division. 

 A patient on the the way to Mbingo on August 14, 2021 told Observer237. Com that she paid cfa 5000, five times more on a Commercial bike for the destination. Speaking in frustration, a parent lamented that she has not been able to access the hospital for  a week with the road block to blame. On- the-spot,  some truck pushers said they had found new business opportunities to ferry brewery products from Bambui to Big Babanki. 

Trucks used to block the road currently at the Tubah Gendamerie 

It was thus, breaking news when  news of the road clearance emerged. It was the North West Gendarmerie Legion Commander, Col Boum Bissoue who told Observer237.com that Defense and Security Forces used past experience elsewhere, plus the services of some Local Mechanics to dislodge the barricades in the neighbourhoods of Mile 10 and Mile 11, Macha, Bambui. He suggested that the road blocks had the  complicity of some Transporters operating in Bambui . At Press time, 17 of the 58 vehicles used to block the highway had been moved to the Tubah Gendarmerie Brigade. 

North West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique  went sizing up the situation on August 14 and appealed to transporters and the population to resume circulation. 

Transportation of brewery products on foot

Some Transporters have saluted the Defense and Security Forces for clearing the road without destroying or burning the vehicles used to block the stretch. The incident is traced to grievances by  some Transporters, protesting the arrest and detention  of their colleagues.

 It is alledged that the transporters, often financed Separatists as a measure to freely circulate on the highway. It was on this account that they were arrested and in retaliation, Separatists with the complicity of the concerned transporters chose to block the road.

Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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