MIDENO Evaluates GP-DERUPDEP phase 1 project while strengthening phase 2

         Cross section of participants in evaluation process

Despite the prevailing nature of the ongoing socio-political crisis in the North West region, development still stands at top priority. This is gradually being materialised by evaluation and execution of projects by several bodies in the region particularly the North West Development Authority MIDENO

Since the socio-political unrest took its course in 2016 in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon, the rate of development has been retarded, caused by insecurity and difficulties in accessing certain areas in the region. Some infrastructures including roads, market sheds, and others constructed have been abandoned, thus slowing down the rate of development leading to poverty.

In order to restore the status quo of the North West region and for subsequent development an evaluation of a seven year project carried out between 2004 - 2011 has been done by delegates of the North West region. The project which was carried out by Grassfield Participatory and Decentralisation Rural Development Project GP-DERUDEP between 2004-2011 aimed at reducing the rate of poverty of farmers by 10%.

Thus the aim of the evaluation of the GP-DERUDEP phase one project though after 10 years, is to know the weaknesses of the project in order to correct them while executing the second phase.

Some of the major difficulties encountered by the consultancy agency Rural Development Consultancy RDC during the process were

"Considering the context in which we find ourselves in that is the socio-political crisis in the North West Region, we would have loved to go where the projects were carried out to observe them, talk to the people unfortunately were unable to go because of insecurity. We are evaluating a project that ended 10 years ago and to do that we need to start asking people about what happened in 2004 and how it ended in 2011 so there were people who could not make it out if it was carried out by this project or another project. There was the problem of getting statistics and also many people who took part in the project are no where to be found." Project manager Shey Williams explained

He went ahead to highlight some recommendations which if followed will better off the execution of subsequently developmental projects being inclusion of the local population.

Cletus Anye Matoya,  General Manager MIDENO

The study was done limiting the life span to 2017 and according to the North West Development Authority (MIDENO) boss Cletus Anye Matoya, the evaluation will help in the execution of subsequent projects

"Our aim is to help the government carry out developmental projects in the region that is why we had to evaluate the GP-DERUDEP phase 1 project earlier carried out for further projects. While doing that we also have some other projects which we are on-going, and studies also being carried out for prolongation that is the Agrovam project that is out to help farmers return home with a good package. Once the poverty gap between the very rich and very poor is reduced then there will be a lot of Harmony in the society, people will leave comfortably and the young will see a society which is relatively without injustice and help solve the problems we are living in"

Generally according to the evaluation of the project, There was an increase in poverty by 2% and increase in primary education, Farmers income increased by 32%, health by 26%
Improvement in education by 18%, improvement in access to credit by 12% and a reduction in rural exodus by 12%

The main recommendation echoed by participating delegates of the region cutting across several aspects on June 15, 2021, was for the community to be more involved in the execution of projects in their communities

Anye Nde Nsoh

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