Nation's forgiveness explained to Ex fighters

Fai Yengo Francis

Over the last few months, strike actions at the Buea Disarmament, Demobilisation and reintegration Centre (DDR)  has cast doubts on the quality of treatment reserved for ex fighters

The fighters complain of no time frame allocated for them to stay in the centre before reintegration while others accuse the authorities of the DDR that their worries only end on paper

It's for these reasons that the National Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration committee(NDDRC) opened a three day workshop to explain to the ex fighters the role of the centre

Ex fighters express worries about their continuous stay at the centre

The National coordinator of the NDDRC, Fai Yengo Francis explained to the fighters that their stay is prolonged "due to the prevailing insecurity and it will not be wise to send you to the community at such a time"

The speakers call on the ex fighters to above all else, recognise the forgiveness of the Nation and the outstretched hand of the head of state towards them. 

This to mean before complaining, they should recognise the efforts of the state in forgiving their trespasses and putting mechanisms at their disposal for a better life. 

Fai Yengo Francis also cleared doubts raised by some fighters who say they knew six months was the duration to spend at the centre. The former Governor noted that no such pronouncement has come from the NDDRC. 

Prof Nze Ngwa

To one of the speakers, Prof Willibroad Nze Ngwa, he opines that some people are still living in the city with separatist tendencies. He notes that "the authorities of this nation should address the crisis and rehabilitate all ex fighters not some"

"it should start with a cessation of violence from both ends"

Other speakers spoke to the hierarchy of the DDR to engage the youth in proper anti propaganda and the aspect of taking the fighters out of the bushes should not be political. 

Since the creation of the DDR centres in 2018 in Buea, Bamenda and Maroua, some 739 ex fighters have been received while 200 ex boko haram fighters have been returned to their home country, Nigeria

An ultramodern vocational Centre to host the fighters have been completed at Mile 8 Mankon


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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