Bamenda Regional Hospital continues safe medical care despite rumours from detractors- Dr Nsame Denis

Dr Nsame Denis, Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital

It was in May 2020 that an audio circulated online where a lady described the Bamenda Regional Hospital as a death trap for patients who attempted to secure medical services

The audio made rounds at the time the region was grabbling with an increase in the number of COVID-19 patients

She noted that patients were administered a drip that causes them to die. In a press briefing in Bamenda Thursday February 25th, 2021, the Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Dr Nsame Denis described these allegations as false

"In May 2020, when we were hit by the first wave of the coronavirus, this message circulated. We neglected it, as we went around treating our patients. At the wake of this second wave, the message has come back again. We are reacting today because this second wave has proven to be more deadly than the first and the hospital is a referral one" Dr Nsame told the press

Dr Nsame flanked by the top Administration of the hospital

He continued that "the Bamenda Regional Hospital has 510 staff with 37 Doctors. We have gone through medical ethics and we know what it means to take care of patients"

The Director emphasized that the hospital is there to save lives noting that the identity of the person who claimed lives were terminated voluntarily at the hospital has not been established

The Director further noted that some patients only secure the services of the Bamenda Regional Hospital when their situations is beyond control. He however noted that early diagnosis is key to any treatment

"Some people can be fine this minute and suffer a stroke in the next minute. Moving around doesn't mean you're healthy. We should carry out routine checks to ensure that we're fine"

On the issue of COVID-19 that comes around with these funny messages to despair the population from seeking adequate health care, Dr Nsame Denis hinted that the region has 20 cases admitted at the hospital while 173 are active across the region

The number is alarming as the first wave did not have up to nine active cases at a blow according to the Assistant General supervisor of the hospital

Life goes unperturbed at the Bamenda Regional Hospital despite the rumours and authorities have encouraged patients to continually get to the hospital for any related health diseases

"On the issue of COVID-19 testing, I wish to encourage patients to go for voluntary testing even in other hospitals around the region. Get yourself tested early for easy management" Dr Nsame Denis cautions


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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