UCCC NW President urges Government for special support to councils

UCCC National President installs NW Regional Bureau

The President of the United councils and cities of Cameroon North West, Mayor Denis Awoh Ndang has urged government to put at the disposal of councils operating in the crisis hit regions, 100 million francs each to gainfully employ the youth who have been carrying guns against the state for four years now

He was speaking on January 8th 2020 at the MINEPAT hall as the National President of UCCC installed him

UCCC President for the North West

The United councils and cities of Cameroon is a mediating body. It links the state of Cameroon, councils and other partners to bring development closer to the people

In his maiden visit to Bamenda, the National President of UCCC, Augustine Tamba challenged Mayors to be producers

"If you have cocoa in your area and the council can invest in it and make money for itself, let them do it. Councils should not just wait for taxes or funds from the state. We can effectively raise revenue through businesses in our communities" Augustine Tamba told the Mayor's

In his plan of action, he hopes to construct a Hotel in Yaounde to host Mayors when they come visiting like the parliamentarian hotel 

Mayors of the North West Region used the installation to call on their National President to see into it that the 15% of the state budget that is supposed to decentralised to councils beginning 2021 effectively happens

Councils in the region are functioning below their capacity and mostly on the funds decentralised from the state because of the ongoing crisis in the North West and South West regions

In most sessions, Mayors lament that tax collection is almost at zero. Most them cannot work in their council areas as they have become targets by separatist fighters


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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