PSS Mankon: Students rejoice as Hon Nestus Fru Manju hands relief aid

students play around the gifts handed to them by Hon Nestus Fru Manju

133 of the over 1350 students currently attending classes at the campus of PSS Mankon have been directly affected with a double fire outbreak that engulfed the boys and girls dormitories

Friday 22nd January, as the students were having an evening reading session, fire from an unknown source broke out in the boys dormitory at about 8:30 PM. A similar fire consumed the girls dormitory the next day, Saturday 23rd January

As a measure to ensure that all the students continue attending classes while the dormitories are refurbished, the Principal of PSS Mankon, Dr Mbaku Henry had to pair students in the other dormitories not affected. Ambe is a form one student from PSS Bafut

"I've lost my books, campus wear and other belongings to the fire. I'm currently sleeping with other form students of PSS Mankon"

To decongest the students at the various dormitories, the Member of Parliament for Mezam centre, Hon. Nestus Fru Manju donated mattresses, buckets and blankets to the school

Hundreds of students surrounded the gifts in jubilation that they will sleep better in the night

Hon Nestus Fru Manju encouraged the school authorities that government is working to get the dormitories on it's feet

Administrative authorities had earlier done an on the spot assessment and works on the dormitories will commence as soon as possible

PSS Mankon is hosting PSS Bafut as the atmosphere in Bafut subdivision have become  difficult for the school to function since the wake of the Anglophone crisis

Affected students have shown a sign of maturity as they stay in campus with an assurance from school authorities that all will be well

A cue of parents rushed to campus to check the welfare of their children but were not permitted to access the campus

Dr Mbaku Henry explaining the situation of the dormitories to Hon Nestus Fru Manju

Despite the double fire incidences, activities have continued on campus unperturbed


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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