Nigerian Union President forgives attackers after surviving murder attempt

Prince Otobong Ituen, Nigerian Union President Bamenda thanking God with his wife

After a tour to various states, seeking to know the problems faced by Nigerians in the North West region of Cameroon, encouraging Nigerians to be patriotic and to stay off the internal problems of their host country Cameroon, the President to the Nigerian Union North West Prince Otobong Ituen, has once more challenged Nigerians to be patrotic citizens.

He was speaking days after suffering an attempted murder by unidentified gunmen, who attempted to render him lifeless, firing at his car on the 18th November 2020, and eventually landing him a wound on his buttocks.

Thanking God for saving his life during a church service having as key note of the day "Be Thanful to God always" from 1chronicles 16:34 with the Church of Christ, Prince Otobong Ituen narrated the terrible scenario and how he practically got saved

Evangelist Otobong Ituen being a man of God, has forgiven his attempted murderers at the same time urging them to seek forgiveness from God almighty in order to escape his wrath.

"Christianity is just a way of life. It is more practical than theory and in the teachings of Christ they taught us to forgive those who have trespass against us in as much as we live in this world, people must trespass against you. Then the practical aspect is in my heart I have prayed for forgiveness and I do not ask God to punish them but I pray God to touch them to repent. And if they fail to repent the same God that is a loving father will allow his wrath upon them. So I pray God to forgive them"

The socio-political upheavals in the North West has left the president with no choice but to caution his nationals to be law abiding citizens. He moves the motion that they should avoid getting into illicit and illegal businesses which may in future jeopardise and disgrace their motherland Nigeria

"We have a good population here and we have been doing good business with the people and I will also use this forum to charge my nationals who are in this country, they should not use this problem as an opportunity to involve themselves in things that if exposed will bring shame to our country the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They are here they should carry out honourable businesses and things that will be able to promote peace and co-existence in Nigeria."

Nigerian existence in Cameroon did not stem from the outbreak of the socio political crisis but stems way back to decades. Thus as a peace lover and crusader, Prince Otobong has once again beseech Nigerians to collaborate in anyway possible to ensure lasting peace in their host country.

"One thing is sure when this country was going on well we were here and as things are going abnormal, we need to stay. I have told some of my brothers if they have a way of identifying people who are causing trouble in the country they should help to talk to them to remain calm especially these people who are taking innocent blood in the society. This is not going to bring a solution, this will never never bring a solution.
Those using guns, intimidation, all these will never bring a solution. Our people love this country and will continue to stay especially in the North West and South West."

Nigerians have been petitioned to remain calm during this crisis period, reiterate his call for the government of Cameroon to highten security measures

"I have one message to the community which is that they should be calm despite the situation because most of them have been worried that if this could happen to our president that means our stay in Cameroon is not safe.
I also want to use this opportunity to call on the government of Cameroon to step up their security measures and to fight against the hoodlums that have turned themselves to those who are hiding under what umbrella they are to be committing harvock in the society."


Anye Nde Nsoh

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