Mayor Awoh Ndang expects efficiency from Regional councillors


As days go by, the special status granted to the North West and South West regions is gradually coming to realization. Sunday December 6th, 2020, saw councillors and Fons turning out in their numbers to exercise their civic duty by casting votes on Elections day

 While some are voting to actually see the sprouting of the new Cameroon and how powers will be decentralised to local levels, others are voting for a change of activities and for innovations. 

In essence, Mayor Denis Awoh Ndang of Fundong council, after casting his vote, appreciates the decentralisation process and says this is an opportunity for works that councils have been limited from executing, to be done by the Regional Council. He went ahead to highlight some of these projects for the betterment of Boyo Division. 

"I think that this election of today are coming to complete the process of decentralisation.

You know that the local councils have what they have been assigned to do and the regional council also have their assignments. I want to quote for example: the issue of regional roads which the local councils can not repair or build.
So as they are coming, we hope we will have the main road that enters Boyo which is a regional road and we want it repaired, and put in good order. That is a job which the local council can not do, we want them to carry out their duties, taking care of the secondary schools and hospitals as it is their responsibility."

Mayor Denis Awoh Ndang with an aim to revive Fundong, during the council's budgetary session Saturday December 5th, highlighted several construction and renovation projects which will help maintain the status quo of Fundong subdivision. 

Mayor Awoh Ndang

With the coming of the regional elections to cement the special status awarded to the North West and South West Regions, the process of decentralisation will be complete.

Elections have been conducted in the 7 divisions that make up the Northwest region.


The Observer staff Delegate

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