Furu Awa: General Nka Valere Challenges Population To Collaborate For Sustainable Peace

General Nka arrives Furu Awa

The population of Furu Awa, Menchum Division, has been called upon to collaborate with defence and security forces in order to preserve peace in the area.
The call was made by the Commander of the Fifth Joint Military Region, General Nka Valère who visited Furu Awa Saturday December 12th, to boast the morales of troops as well as donate some foodstuffs to the population.

The locality harbours several internally displaced persons who have fled from other parts of the North West Region while others have fled into neighbouring Nigeria.

However, relative calm has since returned to the locality as General Nka Valère called on the population to collaborate with the military to consolidate peace in the area.

Population gather to listen to Administrative and security authorities

On his part, Danjuma Fidelis, Mayor of Furu Awa, highlighted the strides made by the military to preserve peace in the locality since they were deployed at the start of the year.

"We want to thank you for the elements of the BIR who are here with us. Before now, our community was held hostage with kidnappings taking place every now and then. Classrooms were burnt and many people had to flee to Nigeria" the Mayor told the General in his welcome address.

He added that three classrooms have been constructed and handed to the population by the Rapid Intervention Batallion which has helped the effective resumption of school in the locality for the first time since 2016

Being one of the most enclaved subdivisions in North West Cameroon, Furu Awa suffers from poor road network, making it difficult for the military to access the entire subdivision, Mayor Danjuma noted as he equally pleaded for the creation of more military barracks to stabilize the area.

Responding to the concerns of the population, General Nka Valere encouraged them to collaborate and work in synergy to bar the activities of separatist fighters in the subdivision. The General also saluted the population who are returning home after fleeing to neighbouring Nigeria.

General Nka hands didactic materials to inspector of Basic Education

A significant consignment of Didactic materials was handed to the inspector of Basic Education, Amah Gabriel Munyomon for onward distribution to the school-going children. General Nka also handed foodstuffs to the population as the year draws to a close. 

Population receives house items from the army

He called on those still fighting in the bushes to drop their arms and go to the DDR centres
"Those who will lay down their arms, will be taken to the DDR but those who refuse to lay down their will face the arm of Justice," he said.

The gesture in Furu Awa adds to a similar gesture carried out by the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR, in Ndop- Ngoketunjia Division, in the first quarter 2020.

Pupils and students who excel in their respective classes were promised a special prize.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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