Bamenda City Mayor to improve agricultural production in 2021

Bamenda City Mayor, Paul Achobong

In a ceremony to have a retrospect of 2020 and explain to the people of Bamenda his vision for 2021, the City Mayor of Bamenda, Paul Achobong announced they will be an improvement in agricultural production next year

He stated that due to the ongoing crisis in the region, majority of food stuffs consumed come from neighbouring West region.

"Maize sold in Bamenda comes from Foumban and Foumbot. We cannot continue observing ghost towns and thinking that others will be feeding us" Mayor Paul Achobong told the population

Most people could not access their farms due to insecurity while others could barely harvest

Population turned up for the occasion

He has promised to set up a tomatoes processing plant to help transform tomatoes grown at the city council premises into paste.

The City Mayor also announced that a poultry farm of not less than 100,000 birds will be set up to stop the influx of table birds from other regions. This he says will create employment to the youth

Since elected city Mayor, Paul Achobong has fought tooth and nail to eradicate the Monday ghost towns but as days go by, people continue to respect them

In a meeting with traders two weeks ago, he announced a clamp down on business premises that will remain locked on Mondays. 

North West Governor praises Mayor Paul Achobong

A move saluted by North West chief Executive, Adolphe Lele LAfrique

"We are gathering ourselves to fight against ghost towns. This fight will begin next Monday in Bamenda. In 2021, a new page will be opened in the life of the North West Region"

He further noted that the rebuilding process of the region under the Presidential plan for the reconstruction of the North West and South West regions will see the light of day in 2021

A greater portion of the year 2020 was dedicated to the fight against the coronavirus with government placing barrier measures that should be respected to prevent the spread of the virus in the country

As at 29th December 2020, the region currently have 10 active cases according Governor Lele LAfrique though he noted that a second wave of the virus is being reported across the world and so these measures like the wearing of Facemasks, social distancing, avoiding overcrowded places should be observed

Mayor Paul Achobong used this opportunity to announce that the deplorable road situation in the town will be see a new code of tar in 2021


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