As the Anglophone crisis persist, North West Administration promises to revitalise Economy in 2021

Governor Lele LAfrique speaking shortly after the address by the President of the Republic

The Governor of the North West region has promised that the economy of the North West will witness a new twist in 2021

Speaking shortly after the traditional end of year speech of the President of the Republic, Governor Lele LAfrique noted that the Administrative, security and Municipal authorities will combat the ghost towns that have been respected in the region since 2017

Every Monday, business premises are shutdown, movement of goods and persons brought to a standstill. 

Since the wake of the Anglophone crisis, access to major hospitals in the region like the Banso Baptist Hospital, the Cardiac centre in Shishong have witnessed serious interruptions. Access to Donga Mantung Division through Bui have been blocked for several months now

This the President of the Republic, Paul Biya says has greatly affected the economy of the country

"The crisis has caused untold damage to our economy" President Biya highlighted

President Biya addresses the Nation

The  national growth rate according to the President, which had been stabilized at 4% witnessed a sharp drop in 2020 mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic and the spending on the current war in the North West, South West and Far North North Regions. 

For the English speaking Regions, the President frowned at the targeted killings still ongoing and the recent attack at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy Fiango Kumba on October 24 where 7 kids were killed

"Terror continues in the North West and South West Regions. Children are still being stopped from going to school. The Kumba massacre is a crime and was a shock to the the human conscience and the perpetrators will not go unpunished" President Biya told the Nation

In the Far North Region, President Biya highlighted that targeted bombings from the Boko Haram continues in some localities

North West Governor Fetes with collaborators

On the decentralisation process, the President of the Republic was emphatic that it the process has come to an end with the setting up of the Regional councils. He cited the February 9, 2020 twin Elections that saw the erasing of Appointed government delegates who were replaced by elected City Mayor

In all President Biya cautioned Cameroonians to continue observing barrier measures against COVID-19 with a new wave of the virus which is on the rise globally

The President hopes to stabilize the economy of the country at 8% moving  towards emergence by 2035


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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