Andek council votes 2021 budget, sets to improve standard of livelihood

Mayor of Andek

Andek council under the stewardship of Mayor Ubangoh Helly Manyelle Akoba have voted an ambitious budget which will see the realization of great projects, tilted towards the emergence of Ngie subdivision

The sum of FCFA 521 million with an increase of 18% from the 2020 budget has been unanimously voted by the councillors to be used for road construction, building of bridges and others.

Projections to be executed for the 2021 Council year include elements such as,

Update the Council Development Plan, Rehabilitation of priority road leading to Andek by concreting some very bad spots between Enyeakwekuh and Andek,
Construction of sheds along the Treasury fence. Construction of Hangers within the council yard, the Fight against COVID-19, Installation of ICT systems, Construction of a council website, Security and creation of Council Police, Construction of a general and civil status archives for the council, Construction of classrooms, Equipping of schools, Construction of Agricultural Post with residence for the chief of post in Andek, Construction and Equipment of a Zoo technical Centre in Andek, Construction of a carpentry workshop in SAR/SM Andek, Equipment support for vulnerable populations, Construction and equipment of structures at the Hospital at Andek, Construction of bridges, Carry out feasibility studies on many more projects, Rehabilitation of council roads, Promotion of agro pastoral activities in the municipality, Acquisition of means of locomotion to ease movement within the municipality. Training of the staff, Permanent cleaning of the municipality and the rehabilitation of the Andek Solar power plant.

These projects will go a long way to rehabilitate Ngie and to enable a smooth and tranquil life.

For the year 2020, most projects envisaged were not 100% realized due to the insecurity in the area but with the target to restore peace, there's certainty the 2021 projects will be accomplished.

The putting down of the thick forest that had engulfed Andek before, making the Andek town unclean. As a result, most markets, shops, schools are already functional in the municipality.

He acknowledged the fact that decentralisation is in the hands of the local government thus councillors should be responsible and and carry the message of peace

"The council is now truly the people’s local government. That is why all government
developmental actions are now devolved to the councils"

Several projects envisaged for 2020 were not 100% accomplished reason why the Mayor says

"I am taking all the measures, as I am doing, to force
normalcy to return to Andek. Any person who is against these measures is working
against the development of the municipality, which we stand for" Mayor Ubangoh highlighted

A comprehensive list of all the State and Council properties, structures, bridges and roads in the municipality, that were damaged or that have degraded because of the crisis have been handed for eventual renovation and construction. This as a benefit from the Presidential Reconstruction and Development plan.

Mayor Ubangoh Helly ended by calling on all all councillors to work together for the rebirth of Ngie Subdivision

"Let us, therefore, as
from today, put all hands on deck in our determination to completely transform the Andek Municipality before the end of our mandate."


Anye Nde Nsoh

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