Special Youth plan: Mayors "disown" beneficiaries

Minister Mounouna Fotso meets with Mayors

The Minister of Youth Affairs and civic Education, Mounouna Fotso has suspended the handing of the presidential three year youth support to some beneficiaries of the North West

Mayors of the region discovered that names of the beneficiaries of their various communities were mostly French speaking and not residing in their respective subdivisions

"It is totally unacceptable that we want to empower the youth of other Regions when our own are languishing" a Mayor told the Observer

The dissatisfaction of Mayors prompted a meeting with the Minister who tried to clear their worries

"The support is for young people residing in these subdivisions. It is not for indigenes of the various subdivisions" Minister Fotso explained

The Mayors cited that the names were not of their subdivision with evidence of calls placed to some of the young persons who attest they have never lived in the region

The Mayors accused workers of the Descentralised units of the ministry of trying to bring in relatives to benefit when the real beneficiaries are there

To Minister Mounouna Fotso, those who could be traced were handed their support while the Mayors were called upon to work with respective Divisional Delegations and furnish the Ministry with correct names in the next two weeks

The 102 billion Presidential Youth plan was created in 2016 and this is the first batch of beneficiaries.

The visit of the Minister also took him to the DDR Centre where he inaugurated a poultry farm and assured the ex fighters of his Ministry's support to their empowerment


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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