Bamenda II Council hands support to Persons with Disabilities

Mayor Chenwi hands crouches to a woman with disability

The Mayor of the Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter has handed over wheelchairs, white canes and crouches to some 10 persons living with disability

The donation exercise, Friday November 20 at the premises of the council saw the beneficiaries singing songs of praise to the Mayor

"We are thanking the Mayor for seeing that all these are possible. Transportation is one of our huddles and it is always a relief when authorities think about us" Fon Samuel of the Chomba Disabled Association told the Observer

The association that has more than 20 members extended a plea to other Cameroonians and organisations of good will to always remember them

"We are begging councils and the government not to forget us. We are even more vulnerable with the ongoing crisis in the North West Region"

The Mayor in handing the support promised to do more in the days ahead 

"Our goal is to bring everyone on board to participate in the reconstruction of our region whether living with disabilities or not" Chenwi Peter said

"This is just the phase to make sure that we start building people with disabilities to feel belonging to contribute their ideas in the society"

Persons with disabilities have been greatly affected mobility wise with the restriction of bikes that could easily pick them from their homes around the town. Today, they have to trek longer distances to use more than one means to access their destinations

Fon Samuel laments that trekking for longer distances especially those who physical challenge or those with visual impairments is really a challenge

This is the second time Mayor Chenwi Peter is coming to the aid of persons with Disabilities

In September, he handed financial scholarships to school going children living with disabilities alongside didactic materials


Sergio Musi

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