Bamenda-Bambili road: Construction works imminent

Poor state of the Bambui-Bambili road

The Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin has hinted that the university committee will soon benefit from a double carriage way

He was speaking on Saturday 17th October as he paved the way for the eventual clearing of the road sides for construction to commence

Potholes everywhere

The road from four corners in Bambui through three corners in Bambili is very narrow, filled with numerous potholes

The Mayor's dream is for a double carriage way to be constructed from Finance Junction to the University

"This has been the cry of the people of Tubah. Last Wednesday when we were trying to send children back to school, our Elite and Government saw how narrow the road was an ordered that something be done" the Mayor said

"Friday evening, one of our illustrious sons, Edge, approached me that they will do the mapping and clearing of the space from Bambui through CCAST street and three corners"

Some buildings and makeshift structures around three corners Bambili to be destroyed

With works expected to start on Tuesday October 20th, the technical services of the council has mapped out some buildings that will be destroyed for the road to be widen

While some persons look at this move as positive, others cried foul that they will go out of business

"If this road passes here, then I will need to jump into my business place. This is my only source of income" a petite trader narrated to the Observer

Another entrepreneur was rather optimistic

"Construction comes with destruction, so when there is development, they will always destroy before reconstructing"

Mayor Tanjong Martin talking to the Observer

To Mayor Tanjong, you cannot consume omelette without breaking eggs. He says its imperative to get the road works done as soon as possible before business persons can realign their businesses in the area

The poor state of the road from Bamenda to Bambili has been affecting taxi drivers who ply the road

A distance from City chemist roundabout in Bamenda to Bambili that usually takes 20 minutes now goes for 45 minutes with an increase in the fare

The road situation further sends taxi drivers to the garage every week

The move to reconstruct the road has been saluted with a pious hope that works will be completed within the shortest possible time


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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    Until then.

    Philemon Yang told us the same thing.
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    Now Lord Tanking..
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