At maiden visit to Lourdes, Archbishop Nkea prays for Kumba, administers Baptism

Archbishop Nkea with the staff of Lourdes

The Archbishop of the Bamenda archdiocese, His Grace Andrew Nkea in his maiden pastoral visit to our lady of Lourdes college Mankon has reiterated the importance of children to go to school especially girls

Coming one day after the brutal murder of seven students at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy Kumba, the Archbishop called on the students not to oppress or wrong anybody

"We should not oppress or wrong anybody. God is the defender of the defendless. That's why even in the student context, a senior student should not brutalise or bully a junior student. Love means we all should live happily like brothers and sisters" the archbishop told the student community

He used this maiden visit to administer the sacrament of Baptism, confirmation and the eucharist to over 200 students

Students pose with Archbishop Nkea after receiving confirmation

In his sermon, he laid emphasis on the hatred we perpetrate to one another

"We were created by God from dust and dust we all will return. This innocent children you see here are only Fighting for their rights to Education which is universal. Let's drop our guns and pick up pens which will help this children"

While observing a minute of silence for the murdered kids in Kumba, Archbishop Nkea cautioned the teachers and students to tolerate each other and respect should be mutual

As the students receive their baptism, christians of the church renewed thier baptismal promises denying Satan and all his fake promises


Sergio Musi

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