Government Takes Guard As September 22 inches closer

Prof Maurice Kamto

The Government of President Paul Biya, 87, has been 'restless' since Prof. Maurice Kamto, leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM party, announced a nationwide protest to overthrow the Yaounde regime.

The runner up of the 2018 presidential election cum self-styled President-elect on August 24, 2020 threatened to launch a gigantic protest if Biya convenes the Regional Election without revising the Electoral Code and resolved the ongoing armed conflict in Cameroon's two Anglophone regions.

The planned CRM protest is billed for Tueaday September 22, 2020. The announced protest has gotten mirage of reactions from both government, politicians, civil society organisations, transporters and Cameroonians from all walks of life.

Syndicates of bike riders in the cities of Douala and Yaounde have handed motions to administrative authorities, distancing themselves from the planned protest.

The announced protest strike sparked an outrage of emotions from Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji who promised hell to the opposition leader and his sympathisers should they defy state instructions.

Administrative authorities have been taking the cue to ban unauthorised meetings and gatherings.

The Governors of the Centre, Littoral and West regions in separate communiques, banned the holding of such manifestations.

Despite the threats from government, defiant Kamto rather multiplied efforts towards making the protest a reality.

He has had a meetings with some opposition leaders conspicuous amongst them, Kah Wallah of the Cameroon People's Party and stand up for Cameroon.

Kah Walla it should be noted has been calling for a political transition in the country.

Her party boycotted the 2018 Presidential elections due to the continues Anglophone crisis.

Contrary to her and other sympathising with Kamto, a group of political parties known as the G-20, who, supported President Biya's candidacy in the 2018 polls have met and kicked against the plot of the CRM leader, reiterating their resolve to support the Octogenarian Yaounde regime.

Cameroon's Communication Minister, Rene Sadi in a communique this week noted that no legitimately elected President can authorise a March to oust him.

Since Kamto made the announcement, the government of Cameroon has given a wide publicity to it with the incessant bans on any form of protest.

The Regional Elections have been Convened for December 6, 2020.

Political observers see the planned protest as a glaring opportunity for Kamto to sell himself international as the world meets in New York for the UN General Assembly


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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