Andek Council Fast Tracks School Resumption

Councillors of Andek Council meeting in session

Councillors of Andek council in Momo Division have put the effective back to school in the Municipality as top priority

Schools have been paralyzed since 2016 as the Anglophone crisis degenerated into an armed conflict

The Member of Parliament for Momo East, Hon Awutah Phillip reiterated the fact that the back to school campaign should be for all and sundry

"We need to sensitise our people at home and out of home on the need for Education. Whatever we are doing here for development, if our children are not educated, they will not enjoy the facilities. We are supposed to work as a team to fully implement the new law on decentralisation"

Ubangoh Helly, Mayor of Andek

Ubangoh Helly Manyelle, Mayor of the Municipality re-echoed that no meaningful development can take when schools are down

"We are taking all measures to ensure the resumption of schools come October 2020. We are going to clean and disinfect all the schools in Andek and make sure all teachers who are out of Andek should return" the Mayor noted

The councillors took the commitment for an effective back to school during the mid term evaluation session of the council, Wednesday September 9, 2020

The municipality is also hit by the ongoing crisis in the North West and South West Regions with several projects aimed at developing the area abandoned.

Road construction, bridges, culverts, water rehabilitation range between 0-30 percent of realisation

In all some 39 projects will be executed, some already engaged in the year 2020. Areas like the medicalized health centre, the Fon's palace and the Market have received a touch since the new council executive took over

Council Executive

The councillors resolved that to finally regained normalcy in the area, a football competition known as the Mayor's cup will be organised for the youth to actively take part as one people with a common vision of sustained development

It was also deliberated and adopted that bike riders should not carry more than two persons on a bike. This, the council thinks will limit the rate of kidnapping, extortion and theft in the council area. Bike riders will be provided with jackets and riders permit for work identification

The mid term council session came few hours after the councillors of the Municipality were drilled on the new law to institute the general code of local authorities, their role and obligation as councillors vis-a-vis their community and the council executive


Anye Nde Nsoh

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