Open space workshop: COMINSUD Empowers Leaders for a Just, peaceful society

participants pose for a Group photo

Since the outbreak of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis in the North West and South West regions, there has been the persistence of acts of killing, maiming and burning of houses suffered by civilian populations in these Regions.

Frustration, desertion of villages and streets, criminality and insecurity, high rates of school drop out, loss of lives and several other unfortunate happenings are some of the  unfoldings as a result of the crisis. 

Recently, human lives have been considered with little or no value as killings have been very frequent. In such difficult moments organizations have jumped up to the responsibility of ensuring that human life and dignity is upheld. 

In this light, the Community Initiative for Sustainable Development (COMINSUD) through it's Civil Peace Service (CPS), recently organized an Open-Space Discussion.  It brought together community leaders (influencers), civil society leaders, trade unions, religious authorities, media personalities, members of the academia and business persons in Bamenda to brainstorm on ways of promoting the values of Tolerance, Non-Violence, Inclusion and Positivity for a just and peaceful society. 

These discussions took place under four axes including:
-Stop Violence on Civilians, 
-Building and Inclusive and Tolerant Society, 
-Promoting Behavior Change and Positivity and
-Managing People with Distress, Mental Problems and Trauma. 

To solve the problems plaguing this region, the brainstorming aims at suggesting ways in Building an inclusive and tolerant society. A society without territorial boundaries, accepting and tolerating our differences.

Coordinator of COMINSUD

COMINSUD through it's Coordinator continues to clamour for a just and peaceful society:

"If you have justice, peace is automatic. We are not here to say we are promoting peace in this present context but we are here to say that we need peace and for that peace to occur somethings are fundamental"

Fon Nsoh further calls on the belligerents to keep the civilian population out of the conflict

"It is important that civilians are left out of the conflict. There is too much violence and in this violence, civilians have become more of the targets and are suffering"

With an appeal to stop those who have arms and those influencing the situation on the ground, COMINSUD believes this will end the suffering that the masses have been subjected to for years.

Open air workshop

The participants took commitments to ensure that their members are imbued with CPS core values fundamental for a more stable society. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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