Military, population communes for peace

Market master receives a token as part of ways to combat COVID-19

The population of Fundong, capital of Boyo Division have been encouraged to denounce separatist activities, conquer fear and live in peace

The call was made by the Generals Nka Valere and Ekongwese Divine, Commanders of the 5th Joint Military Region and the 5th Gendarmerie Region at the Fundong market Sunday August 30th, as the population was encouraged to stand as a unit

"Fear is the greatest enemy anyone can have. Who are the boys? A small group can and should not take you people hostage" General Ekongwese told the crowd

Administrative and Military Authorities addressing the Fundong population

Boyo is one of the hardest hit Divisions in the Region. Separatist activities started after the assassination of two uniform officers in Belo about three years ago. Life has increasingly become difficult with an increment in prices of basic commodity

The Army Generals explained that what is happening is totally wrong and should not be accepted by the people. General Nka Valere insisted that Administrative Authorities are there to assist the people and collaboration is all they need

In a move to combat the spread of the coronavirus, occupants at the market were handed tablets of soap and advised to respect barrier measures so as not to record a case in the Division

In receiving the gift, the market Master expressed the joy of the Fundong man who has lived in difficulty over three years now

"All I can tell the Generals and SDO is simply thank you. We have been respecting the barrier measures against COVID-19 and we will continue till this pandemic is defeated Nationwide" the market Master said

General Nka Valere promised that if Boyo becomes increasingly safer, Civil-Military action will be increased on the ground with the distribution of foodstuffs and medical consultation

Boyo SDO, Tengnie Fidel used the opportunity to call on the people to shun fear and send their children to school come October


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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