Hon Agho Oliver fast tracks ID Card Production in Bambili

Hon. Agho Oliver handing over the generator to the D.O, Mayor

For close to one month now, the people of Bambili have gone without electricity. This has made the production of the National Identity cards very difficult within the University area in particular and Tubah subdivision in general.

It is for this reason that Honorable Agho Oliver, Member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah constituency decided to come to the aid of the people and hand them a 4000 kilowatts generator to facilitate the production of ID cards.

"I came as a response from what I saw last week. People going for weeks and they cannot obtain this important document", Hon. Agho Oliver said.

The 4000 kilowatts generator

While appreciating the 4000 kilowatts generator, the Mayor of Tubah municipality, Tanjong Martin used the opportunity to present other challenges the council area is facing. Water supply is also a headache to the people of the community.

"I know you will not have the means to solve all our problems. Use your office to knock on the doors that matter and improve the standard of life in Tubah" Mayor Tanjong highlighted.

The Divisional officer for Tubah, Garga Alim was also thankful to the gesture that adds to many others carried out since Agho Oliver became member of Parliament in the March 22nd rerun.

He has handed roofing sheets to the population of Bafut and Tubah whose houses were burnt in the socio-political impasse in North West and South West Regions. He also handed over goods of basic necessity to the Muslim community in Sabga during the Ramadan period.
Hon Agho Oliver also paid a surprise visit to patients in Sabga were he cleared outstanding bills.

The MP has pledged to work with the council to bring meaningful development to the municipality.

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By Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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