COVID-19: NW Governor prescribes sanctions for defaulters

Regional Delegate of Public Health presenting kits to NW Governor

The Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele L'Afrique has prescribed sanctions for those who do not respect barrier measures put in place by the Government of Cameroon and the world Health Organization

He was speaking Tuesday July 21, 2020 as the North West Region receives medical equipments from the government to fight against the spread of the virus

"I want to thank the Government for the efforts made to fight the virus. The President had earlier sent food stuffs, preventive kits, ambulances and now Medical equipments worth about 500 million" the Governor opined

11 health districts currently having cases of the coronavirus each received the medical equipments

Complete beds

Of the 647 cases registered in the region, Mezam Division counts 474 cases. The Governor says this is due to measures not being respected

"Bamenda is a real problem. Even if the medical personnel are doing their job properly to treat or rescue us, there are still some resistance in the population as they behave as if there is no problem."

The 500 million worth of consignment is made up of 250 complete beds, six x-ray machines, 10 minor surgery kits and six portable ultrasound machines

Ebai Clinton Tiki, Chief Medical officer of Bambalang after receiving one ultrasound, two minor surgery kits, an x-ray machine and 10 complete beds was please

"We are happy for the medical equipments provided by the government. These equipments will help us medical workers to meet the needs of the community. Bambalang is one of the areas hit hard by the crisis and this has scared workers. These kits will go a long way to encourage us to work"

Cameroon recorded it's first coronavirus case in March and as at Tuesday counts 16, 157 confirmed cases, 13, 728 recovered cases with 373 deaths


Anye Nde Nsoh

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