Bamenda II Council partners with South Korea, signs people oriented MoU

MoU signed between Bamenda II Council and Gloten Cameroon

The Bamenda II subdivisional council and Gloten Cameroon have signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate the improvement of electricity and water supply within the Municipality

Gloten Cameroon will serve as the link between the council and other councils in South Korea

Gloten Cameroon signs MoU

The project coordinator, Ngwa Anyere Eugene presented the various fields that can be of interest to the Bamenda II Council. From water purification, Green power plant and other ventures which are income generating, he noted that it is the council to decide it's areas of interest and their Korean partners will intervene

Louis Angwafo signs for Bamenda II

On behalf of the Bamenda II Council, the first deputy Mayor, Louis Angwafo welcomed the initiative and stated that the council lags behind in  portable water supply

Only 19.2% the Mayor noted have access to portable water within the Municipality. The council plans to increase this supply inline with the sustainable development goals

Family picture to immortalise the event

Gloten Cameroon in their presentation cited that they can provide portable water through the purification of water from lakes, rivers, dams and runoffs

The council area still has 20.6% of it's population living without Electricity. 42.9% living on wood as a means to cook the second Deputy Mayor opines

These are not sustainable means and the Bamenda II Council aims to improve on renewable energy through proper waste Management

The MoU which is a win-win will see project specifications signed in the days ahead. This will greatly improve on the livelihood of the population and create jobs

Gloten Cameroon is capable of setting up machines that purify the air and get rid of Bacteria and viruses and provide Heavy duty trucks for road construction

The company is in advance negotiations with the Ministry of scientific research and innovation for the introduction of the Stevia plant. A plant that can produce sugar and salt at the same time to be cultivated on an industrial scale in Cameroon

The Bamenda II council partnering with Gloten Cameroon falls squarely inline with the council development plan


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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