Bamenda II Council: New market envisaged to enhance community business

Executives of the Bamenda II council with the SDO Mezam

Councillors of the Bamenda II council have adopted a deliberations to authorise the Mayor of Bamenda II Council to secure land and construct a new market under the 'build-operate and transfer' terms

The deliberations were adopted at the midterm evaluation session on Wednesday July 23, 2020

During the session, councillors of the Finanace committee also charged the Mayor to look for alternative means to raise revenue in the council whose revenue hangs on the public investment budget, descentralised funds, subvention from the Bamenda City council amongst others

Councillors of Bamenda II

The coming of the new market will greatly decongest the Bamenda Main and food market and increase the revenue of the council area

Mezam Senior Divisional Officer, Simon Emile Mooh congratulated the new councillors and urge them to improve revenue collection which currently stands at 47%.

“I sincerely appreciate the efforts of these new councillors for a job well done within this six months in office. I have discovered these councillors though very young, work with alot of discipline. Mezam SDO said

“But I want to encourage you all to put more efforts in terms of revenue collection. Bamenda City is a cosmopolitan city, the heart of our economic activites with the main market, all the banks and microfinances. So you have to maximise this.”

Mayor Bamenda II

Chenwi Peter, Mayor to the Bamenda II council says security and lack of equipments are the greatest challenge in executing projects.

“Our greatest problem is security challenges, but we have derived a formular to use quarter heads. Because of security challenges there are certain areas we cannot penetrated so the quaterheads come in to help since they know the areas well. We also lack equipments like graders, front head loaders, trucks, which have actually slowed down the road construction project.”

To solve this problem the Mayor plans on going in for these heavy equipments to facilitate work and generate income.

“We want to go in for these equipments so that we can accomplish our road maintenance work and also rent them to generate some income for the council.”

In terms of accomplishments, the council carried out vigourous campaigns in the fight against COVID-19 to schools, markets, streets and hospitals, the council also had a twinning with councils in South Korea through Glotens Cameroon. A training seminar was held to train councillors and limit conflict in management, construction of a borehole in Ntankah.

Office chairs, tables and other necessities were purchased for offices at the temporal site, Schools also received their minimum packages, two integrated health centres, one in Ntingkag and another in Chomba, construction of a block moulding industry in Mbingfibieh which will create employment for youth were listed as achievements by the Mayor

In the months ahead, the construction of some classrooms of two schools in Mbatu, construction of a Civil status centre will see the light of day.

The council is currently carrying out road maintenance works in Ntamulung and Atuakom, Culverts at Ndimabeah, Mbeah-Mazom in Ntarinkon and Mbeah-shurimangoroare in Ntarikon. Maintenance of roads in Ndzong Quarter Mankon, Ntabecow and around Nitob Market.

For the smooth functioning of the council, The Mayor was charged to recruit 8 new staff into the technical services of the council. 83.497,322 was.incorporated into the 2020 budget being transferred credits

The council will function on a budget of 731,850,321 Francs. The current financial execution of the council stands at 120,850,321 Francs representing 8.2% in relative terms

By Anye Nde Nsoh

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  1. Where does this new market leave the Ntarikon market?