Bafut DO Installed amidst Deafening Gunshots

DO Bafut

The installation of Diobe Elumba Didacus Elumba, as New Divisional Officer for Bafut, Tuesday June 30, was greeted with Deafening Gunshots as Simon Emile Mooh, SDO for Mezam drove in to install the new Divisional Officer

While installing, the SDO recognized the insecurity in the area and urged the DO to restore peace and fight COVID-19.

“Bafut subdivisions is facing insecurity, so the first priority is to protect the population and their property. Now that we are facing COVID-19 pandemic, he should do all its best to implement the barrier measures taken by the government to fight the pandemic specifically the wearing of face mask, respecting social distancing. Vigilante groups should help administrative authorities to bring peace so that normalcy should return to the subdivision.”

Mezam SDO commissioning the New DO

Bafut, an area highly affected by the ongoing socio-political unrest in the North West region is plagued by some difficulties which makes life difficult for the occupants of the land.

Insecurity, is the greatest aspect which has hampered the land.

“The insecurity situation in the country especially in the North West and South West Regions has been a major challenge in the smooth flow of activities in the municipality. The ongoing social unrest has affected this municipality negatively, as people have lost their jobs, homes, many valued properties and above all lives. There has been a mass exodus of indigenes to other safer regions of the country and this has hampered economic growth in the municipality.”

“Many activities have stood to a standstill with some completely abandoned. The socio cultural infrastructures even though limited, are dilapidating as stake holders cannot access such structures due to fear of the unknown. Schools are yet to commence in this part of the Division as indigenes still live in fear of any danger that may come with sending their children to school.” Mayor Ngwakongoh added.

Ngwakongoh Lawrence

He opines the issue of water crisis indicating that only 20% of the population have access to portable water

“The Bafut municipality has a water crisis as only 20% of the population has access to portable drinking water.”

The world’s most deadly pandemic which is the coronavirus is one other fear that council has though it is yet to record a case.

“With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the world, Bafut is not left out, as it serves as a transit zone to travelers moving from affected areas to other divisions, as well those residing in the municipality. Everyone is exposed and must consciously put in individual efforts to ensure that the community is safe from this pandemic.” The Mayor said.

Anglophone crisis, water crisis and COVID-19 are the main things affecting the area. The newly installed DO Diobe Elumba Didacus Elumba, has pledged his loyalty and says

“To me I have no other thing rather than to go and institute sustainable peace. Peace is the first thing. When there is peace all other things shall come. I call on the general collaboration of the people to see that we attain this peace sustainable peace.”

Bafut has been considered for the greater part of the armed conflict in English speaking Cameroon as a no go zone even for residents of the area. Kidnappings and poor state of roads is what characterizes the area reasons why there is hardship in the area.

That not withstanding, agriculture is the main activity of the people and a source of livelihood.

Diobe Elumba Didacus Elumba takes over from Achu Fru George who served the subdivision for six years and has been called to other duties


Anye Nde Nsoh

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