Senator Regina Mundi donates COVID-19 kits to school

Senator Regina Mundi hands tap buck to Principal, GBHS Bayelle

Students and staff of GBHS Bayelle have received kits to fight against the coronavirus

Donating the kits Tuesday June 2, Senator Mrs Regina Mundi, encouraged the students to be serious on their academics especially with the enormous sacrifices teachers are making to be in school during these trying times

"Please stay focus because you're going to be writing under difficult conditions" she said

Cross section of kits donated

Tap buckets, liquid soap and buckets were handed to the institution on the request of the Principal

Principal, GBHS Bayelle

Ngesi Cornelius Fru, Principal of the school appreciated the gifts donated and like Oliver twist requested support for the Food and nutrition laboratory and is lagging behind

Cross section of Uppersixth students

The school is expecting 900 students to answer present come Thursday June 4


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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