COVID-19: Bafut Mayor takes measures, disinfects public places

Disinfection of Bafut District hospital

The Mayor of the Municipality of Bafut Ngwakongoh Lawrence has taken preventive measures to bar the way of the world’s most deadly pandemic, the coronavirus from entering his municipality. 

The recording of confirmed cases by neighboring councils has served as a push factor to the Mayor to prevent the vurus from getting to his council. 

The prevention exercise was done Saturday June 27, 2020, wherein the Bamenda airport, Bafut District hospital, Bafut market, Bafut council, DO’s office and the Bafut palace were disinfected, showing a red card to COVID-19. 

Mayor of Bafut

Mayor  Ngwakongoh Lawrence talking during the disinfection exercise said

“If up to now Bafut has not recorded any case of the coronavirus, it is because we are not sleeping. Since we noticed the virus has arrived Cameroon, we took all necessary measures so that it doesn’t affect my municipality. We had distributed sanitary kits and have been ensuring that preventive measures are being respected.”

To him, this gesture was motivated by new cases recorded by neighboring councils. 

“Our neighbors like Tubah have recorded four cases so we took it upon ourselves to intensify the prevention. We thought it wise to disinfect strategic places like the airport and others to ensure a coronavirus free Bafut.”

Dr Nkwan Percy

In reaction to this move, Dr Nkwan Percy of the Bafut District hospital, expressed satisfaction.  

“I wish to thank the team that has come despite the hurdles to Bafut , and the stake holders for thinking about the hospital. We know about the pandemic ravaging our society. Cameroon is emerging as one of the most affected countries in Africa. This gesture is very important because the virus is on surfaces and we can always pick it up from there. Some of the villagers are not too cautious so the disinfection serves destruction of root cause of contamination.”

At the level of the hospital, preventive measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus and handling of COVID-19 cases. 

“As of now we have the basic needs to prevent the virus. A new building have been constructed for isolation in case of suspected cases. We have hand washing buckets and detergents provided, compulsory wearing of face mask has been instructed and attires to be worn by staff while attending to patients have been made available.” Dr Nkwan added 

Disinfection of Bafut market

Bafut so far has not recorded any case of the coronavirus pandemic. Prevention they say is better than cure thus it is very important for us to take necessary precautions and stay safe and healthy. 

This disinfection exercise adds to buckets, hand sanitizers, soap, face masks distributed to quarter heads and chiefs in the last two months

Cameroon stands at 12,592 cases, 10,100 recovered and 313 deaths.


Anye Nde Nsoh

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