Anglophone crisis: Mayors Express Hope as Reconstruction is eminent

Paul Tasong

The National coordinator of the Presidential plan for the reconstruction of the North West and South West Regions, Paul Tasong has held a consultative meeting with delegates from Menchum, Boyo, Donga Mantung and Bui in day two of his visit to the North West

The various delegations presented priority projects and how the reconstruction exercise should be carried out

Rev Kumah Paul of Grace Baptist Church Bamenda recommended that the process should begin from the mind

"Reconstructing the minds of the people is what I think should be done first. People have gone through trauma and have been stressed, so if people go through trauma counseling and are stress free, we can now try to see how we go into reconstructing buildings" Rev Kumah said

The Mayors from the four Divisions were positive that the reconstruction process is possible in the current security context

Mayor of Fundong 

Awu Ndang Denis, Mayor of Fundong opines that comfort should be provided to the people

"I think that those people need to be comforted before they restart life. They're times we just plead with them to go to their neighbours houses to be provided with blankets and other kits just to be able to live"

Mayor of Benakuma

The Mayor of Benakuma, Ihimbru Solomon Kudi corroborated that projects should be launched in all 34 Municipalities at once so as to rekindle hope in the disgruntled youths

Cameroon's English speaking Regions have been experiencing an armed conflict since 2016

The reconstruction plan will see the construction of some 12,000 houses, schools, bridges, hospitals in the restive North West and South West Regions

In his policy speech on Monday June 22nd, the National coordinator Paul Tasong intimated that the process to reconstruct will start from areas that are safer

Fundong Mayor, Awu Ndang thinks his Municipality is safe for works to begin

Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka, Director of Strategic Humanitarian Services(SHUMAS) pointed out that the acceptability of the project will depend on it's packaging

"The packaging should not be done blindly. Rather it should be done in categories of about four. From this amount to that amount"

"It's important that the youths who are of school age, who within the last four years have grown to adults and would no longer go to school that special attention is paid to them so that they can be trained and be useful to themselves. If we don't give enough attention to them, they'll be a great problem to society"

The North West Region has not seen any meaningful development for the last four years because of the socio-political impasse in the two Regions

Mezam, Ngoketunjia and Momo Divisions will bring forth proposals on Wednesday June 24


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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