Ramadan: Bamenda City Mayor donates to Muslim community

Bamenda City Mayor and Muslim community

The Mayor of Bamenda City, Paul Achobong has donated 15 Bags of rice, three cartons of soap, two cartons of sugar and a bucket tap to the Muslim community at old town Tuesday April 21

The donation comes barely three days before the Muslims engage in a long month fast known as the Ramadan

During the handing over exercise, the Mayor congratulated the Muslim community who have remained peaceful in the face of an armed struggle that engulfed the North West and South West Regions since 2016.

"I have  not  heard of any kidnapping in old town. This is great.Congratulations. There is no profit in disorder" he noted

Bamenda Central mosque

The mayor used the  opportunity to sensitize the people on the  global pandemic,  the coronavirus.

"The time has come for us to put down our differences, whether you liked one another or not, should wait let's together fight the coronavirus"

He reminded the Sheik(Muslim traditional leader) to ensure that water is always available in the tap bucket for all and sundry
Imam Sheibu of the Central Mosque

The donations will greatly ease the Muslims as they prepare to fast, Imam Sheibu of the Central mosque told the Mayor.

"Thank you for thinking about us at this time, we are now ready to embark on our long month fast"

The Imam said they're respecting all the measures put in place by Government during their prayers. The one metre social distance and only fifty persons in the mosque

The ramadan is expected to begin on April 24

Paul Achobong at his residence

Paul Achobong Tembang took the caravan to his residence where he handed foodstuffs to more than 100 mothers and fathers of Abangoh

"Thank you for the support you gave me to be City Mayor. This is the little I came to tell you thank you with"

The people of Abangoh appreciated his humility and pledged to support him all along

At the two stops, he called on the people of Bamenda within and without to donate to the City council any amount of money for the subsidisation of goods of basic necessity to the have nots

"The Muslim community supported this idea with 500,000 Frs. Our well to do brothers and sisters should donate through the city council for us to purchase these items and give the people at reduced rates"


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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