COVID-19; Cameroon leaps in the dark

Inadequate basic necessities and negligence may affect Cameroon's ability to contain the spread of the coronavirus. A virus which has claim the lives of thousands, infected many worldwide, halted the world's economy, as deadly as it is, it's fast spreading.

The steady increase in the number of infected persons in Cameroon from one and today 500+, announced almost on a daily basis by the Minister of public health, leaves one to wonder how effective Government's measures are to curb the spread of the virus

Calls of a possible lockdown has fallen on deaf ears with restaurants and beer parlours in the Littoral and South West Regions banned from hosting people.

The country suffers from inadequate basic necessities. With health facilities not equipped enough to contain a virus that spreads very fast. Social amenities such as pipe born water long disappeared from the streets of Bamenda. Running water and soap is still a better measure to wash hands as compared to sanitizers. Where is the water?

The low per capit income of Cameroonians cannot warrant all its citizens to afford hand sanitizers. Masks initially sold at 100 frs today sells at 500 frs. With people called to stay at home, how will they afford masks and daily?

 Examples abound of Ministers and Members of Government in countries affected by the virus taking a pay cut. But for one billion Francs in a solidarity fund created by Cameroon's President Paul Biya, only Baba Danpullo with 100 million and the CEO of CONGELCAM with 250 million have made significant contributions

The top executive is turning a blind eye on the subject

Above 500 cases has been announced by public health minister in just a month. If precautionary measures are not taken more will be infected and it will become a national disaster

In relation to the WHO declarations, 13 measures have been put in place to curb the spread of this virus, wherein buckets and soap have been placed in front of shops, entrances to markets, companies, Organizations, for hand washing.
Ironically, some Cameroonians do not respect this. More sensitization needs to be done to make the public aware. Doing a massive screening in markets and junctions will also help to determine early cases that can be contained.

The social distancing principle is still highly neglected. Some bars still sell above the stipulated 6PM with people inside. In the South West Region, such drinking spots have been sealed

If government has encountered one challenge, it is that of markets. They still contain more than the stipulated 50 persons,

Cameroon on April 3, recorded 203 new cases. Bringing the total number of infected persons to 509 cases

Buses are still being tolerated to ply the National roads. Putting at risk all the ten regions of Cameroon on a possible infection

For the virus to be contained, more drastic measures are expected. Increase the amount in the solidarity fund to Carter for goods of basic necessity and impose a lockdown on the affected Regions, general reduction in the prices of fuel and other related hydrocarbons. It will cause a general reduction in prices during the lockdown

For as Cameroonians continue to disrespect the call to stay at home, everyone is at risk


Anye Nde Nsoh

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