365 days and counting, How Judith Yah Has Transformed CAMTEL


The General Manager of Cameroon Telecommunications, Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi has clocked one year in office since her appointment to the helm CAMTEL.

In 365 days, the General Manager has been able to improve service delivery within the Republic of Cameroon with a more assured optical fiber. The constant disruptions at the optical fiber is almost a thing of the past

As she starts her second year in office, the 8 state Universities will soon be connected to the fiber. This as a means to improve on research and development with fast broadband internet

culled from Standard News Blog

Judith Yah at the center of her management,  has been the personnel. In a year, she has been able to develop a strategy that covers the period 2019-2025 with focus on Change Management and Centricity

A new code of ethics has been validated which increases motivation that staff receives. A lot of whom have acquired professional skills within this period.
CAMTEL Head office, Yaounde

The General Manager has laid to rest the long standing frustrations pensioners had to go through with CNPS. Retired workers of CAMTEL can now access their pensions with relative ease

In the days ahead, CAMTEL will open it's Artificial Training center in Yaounde. This will bring together young Cameroonians to create and develop Web applications essential for daily life

Fixed Network lines, a cherished heritage of the corporation will undergo repairs in the weeks ahead. Wooden poles which easily gives way will be replaced by concrete poles while old cables will be replaced. This in an effort to ensure better calls and that is sustainable

CAMTEL Workers ensuring maintenance 

CAMTEL under the leadership of Judith Yah has been able to sponsor Nationwide events in Health when she partnered with the Chantal Biya Foundation for the AIDS Free Holidays. FESTAC in Limbe, Ngondo in Douala and numerous Holiday championships to keep the youth busy and safe is the balance sheet of the General Manager

It is evident that CAMTEL has gained more visibility under her leadership. The Grand Prix Chantal Biya is an example

CAMTEL is currently at the center of activities at YAFE- Yaounde en Fete this December

by Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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  1. That's good news added with the season's Good Tidings of Christmas.
    I hope fixed phones will be reinstated at lower monthly cost than MTN and Orange.