CPDM Militants Schooled on Electoral Rights and Party Responsibilities In the NWR

Yang Philemon, CPDM NW Regional Coordinator 

Militants and sympathizers of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) political party in the North West region have been schooled on the need to be disciplined as they strive to uphold and exercise their electoral rights and commitments alongside other party responsibilities.
  This was during a one day seminar that came on the hills of the recent anniversary celebration of the party in Bamenda.
   Originally scheduled for  March 16, the one day training program, moved up to march 23rd so as to coincide with the 34th anniversary celebration of the party, also prepared the minds of the militants on the need to massively register and cast their votes in favour of the party in order to retain more seats in the  upcoming parliamentary, regional and council elections when it's time.
     Speaking at the ceremony the head of the CPDM North West permanent delegation Philemon Yang in his opening remark saluted the militants who despite the numerous threats on their lives by armed groups, braved the odds and massively answered present at the seminar.       For president Paul Biya who's national chair of the party to deliver on all his campaign promises, there is absolute need for him to win future elections, he told the militants.

       The main speaker at the seminar was Mbayo Felix, Minister Delegate at the Ministry of external relations incharge of activities of the common wealth, who presented a paper on political commitment and electoral discipline within the cpdm.
     The 2nd presentation on "Electoral responsibilities of Women" came from central committee member Emma Lafon while Mayor Dighambong Anthony of wum council who doubles as member of the YCPDM central bureau, spelt out the electoral responsibilities of the youths.

    Statistics from all three presentations revealed that women and youths recorded a low turn out in the last presidential polls. Reason why emphasis was laid on the need for the party stakeholders in the region to double their efforts and increase particularly the participating and voting  number of youths in the forth coming elections.
    The workshop provided an opportunity for the WCPDM members in the region to via a statement read out by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Supreme State Audi, Mbah Acha Rose, she clamoured for peace and normalcy to return in the two restive anglophone regions.
  They equally laud the efforts and contributions of the honorary wcpdm president and UNESCO Goodwill ambassador Mrs Chantal Biya towards achieving peace.

cross section of Delegates

   In attendance was the secretary general of the national bilingualism and multiculturalism commission Dr chi Asafor Cornelius, Mayors and parliamentarians on the Cpdm ticket, the seven divisional delegation permanent heads and section presidents who were all tasked to execute the resolutions arrived at the seminar.
     Their vote of confidence to the president of the republic his Excellency Paul Biya was strongly worded in a motion of support that left the region to the unity palace in Yaounde.

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