Above 5,400 persons Risk Jobs if Les Brasseries du Cameroun Shuts Doors in The NWR.

  Without mincing words one can authoritatively conclude that the Anglophone crisis which has been on for 3 years running has greatly crippled the economy of the North West Region, with barely few economic sectors still struggling to survive.
    It is still no longer news that away from the numerous curfews and ghosts town operations effected in the region by both government and non-state armed groups which has greatly contributed to this, separatist fighters have also resorted to shutting down the activities of most enterprises in the region using all the means at their disposal.
    Some of the reasons advanced by the separatist for this new move is that the structures facing such sanctions are those that either do not represent the interest of the people therein or are institutions with "French" as their biological father.
      Les Brasseries du Cameroun brewery company is one of the enterprises currently undergoing such punishment. It's activities in the NWR have been declared banned and the public warned from consuming their products on grounds that the company is French related.
     One cannot count the number of retailers and suppliers dealing in their products who've been threatened, abducted, summoned and thrashed by the separatist fighters for the non respect of the ban and sale of SABC products.
   The observer237.blogspot.com on a fact finding mission to ascertain the impact of the ban on the sale of Les Brasseries products in the restive north west region stumbled on the following findings.
- Investigation revealed that SABC group which has existed for over 70yrs in the country is the highest employer in the private sector with over 200,000 personnels
   Statistics further revealed that Les Brasseries du Cameroun has a work force of over 400 workers spread accross the 5 deports that exist in the NWR, most of whom are citizens of the region.
      The company has over 30 suppliers in the NWR with about 3,000 retailers and 2,000 in the informal sector.
   In essence more than 5400 people will be jobless if the company should bow to restorationists and close it's doors.
  SABC is equally famous for it's diverse programs put in place to promote the socio-cultural values of the people in the NWR such as the annual dances comprising of the LEILA, NGONNSO, ABINE NFOR to name but these few.
     Thanks to this institution, many people in the NWR have had the opportunity to live their dreams of becoming full flesh artists and footballers thanks to programs like "The Mutzig star", Top cup competition, Christmas for all that has equally awarded scholarships to many students in the NW,  carrying out many other philanthropic donations as well.

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