Mbengwi Receives Humanitarian AID

Lanyuy Harry, S.G NW GOV. OFFICE

Internally Displaced Persons( IDPs) residing in Mbengwi, Capital of Momo Division have received Government's Emergency Humanitarian Aid. 

The items were handed to them on Tuesday, December 4th,2018 at the esplanade of the SDO's office

Welcoming the dignitaries to Mbengwi, the First Deputy Mayor, Chunga Patrick appealed to Government to do everything to ensure that peace and stability returns to the Division that has been hit very hard by the degenerating Armed Conflict in the North West and South West Regions pleading with Government to use love and arrest the conflict not the gun; "Love is a force capable of Transforming an enemy to a friend"

Beneficiaries receive AID

The Mayor also pleaded with authorities to try and see how the villages than have been wiped out by the anglophone crisis be reconstructed  
In total, 64 individuals benefited from the aid that consist of buckets, blankets, mattresses, vegetable oil, soap, rice, sardines etc. Madam Beng Enama Desire, Sub director at the Civil Protection Unit at the Ministry of Territorial Administration assured the population that more families will benefit in the days ahead as the registration process to identify the Internally Displaced persons continues

Mattresses and Blankets to be distributed 

Councillor Adamu, a Councillor from Tugi now in Mbengwi saluted the gesture,noting that it will bring some relief to his family that have been struggling to survive since they fled the conflict 

The S.G at North West Governor's Office, Lanyuy Harry who led the Distribution team to Momo Division, told the parents present to advise the youths who have picked up arms against the state, to drop them and come back to the Republic because the war is futile;" No matter how angry you are, never set your house on fire."

Lanyuy Harry reassured the population that Government will soon distribute items for them to reconstruct their villages burnt during this armed conflict

The caravan to distribute this aid will move to the other Divisions in the days ahead

By: Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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