Leaked Sacred Heart Video, Administration Sanctions Ofiicer

The Administration of the North West Region has sanctioned the soldier who filmed students whom he allegedly coerced to dance to the song "Vitesse" by Ambe in one of the boys dormitory at Sacred Heart College in Bamenda

The said video that went viral on social media Presented students actually dancing and simulating sexy-like moves in an institution that sets to uphold standards as per the dogma of the Catholic Church. Parents and other social media users did not take the act lying down.They questioned how the soldier got into the dormitory with a long rifle in hand

North West Governor, Adolf Lele L'Afrique signed a Press Release and confirms that the identity of the soldier is known and he has been apprehended and disciplinary sanctions taken against him

Though the Governor's release doesn't spell out the sanctions, this will go a long way to stop defense and security forces from perpetrating inhumane suffering on the masses. A fortnight ago, the Commander of the 5th Joint Military Region, General Agha Robinson called on the population to denounce military excesses to higher quarters. He stood firm on the fact that the military has not been sent to carryout looting in any form

The Chief Executive of the Region, says this singular act of a wayward officer doesn't undermine the work worth commending that the security forces have been carrying out to secure lives and properties

By Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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