Aminatou Ahidjo Dares the Lion in its Den, Campaigns for Biya in Bamenda

Aminatou Ahidjo with Fon Angwafo holding President Ahidjo's portrait 

The daughter of Cameroon's first president, Aminatou Ahidjo has been crisscrossing some palaces in Bamenda to sell the ideology of the incumbent presidential candidate, Paul Biya ahead of the October 7, Presidential Elections

Her message to the palaces of Mankon and Nkwen, was centered at telling the Fons that only the CPDM candidate can bring to an end the current socio-political unrest plaguing the North West and South West Regions. She explained that candidate Paul Biya masters the problem and will solve it within the shortest time possible, something she is not sure the eight other candidates can do

Welcoming his august guest, H.R.H Fon S.A.N Angwafo of Mankon, one of the architects of Cameroon's reunification noted that; "Reuniting Cameroon was the best thing that ever happened to us and the crisis today is a historical and human problem." "It's a problem of foreign cultures that is tearing apart a people who decided to live together in peace." he added. The vision bearer of the Mankon people reminded Aminatou, late president Ahidjo's daughter that our living together has been punctured by bad faith but violence is not the way out. He strongly condemned children of one ancestry killing themselves with such impunity.

Fon Azefor of Nkwen welcomes Aminatou Ahidjo 

Citizens of the Anglophone regions have come under threats from separatists fighters, prohibiting them from  taking part in this year's Presidential Elections come October 7. Despite this, the N.W region is gradually rising to the effervescence that characterises these moments though no open air rally has taken place in Bamenda

Bamenda, the North West Regional Headquarters is littered with campaign posters of the CPDM presidential candidate, Paul Biya, with virtually nothing from the opposition. The coming to town of Madam Aminatou Ahidjo brings to two, the number of high profile CPDM delegations to the North West Region in three days. The first was led by Prime Minister Philemon Yang who launched campaigns at the Bamenda Congress Hall on September 22nd

Her humble appeal therefore is for all sons and daughters of the North West Region of voting age to troop the polls and massively give the incumbent president, Paul Biya, the CPDM candidate, a resounding victory come October 7

She will continue her campaign for Paul Biya this September 26th to other areas.

By Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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