Fon of Nkwen receives Mbum Fons ahead of Ndeer-lah Festival

Fon Kamanda Kimbi, President of the Mbum Fons Union

Ahead of the 4th Edition of the Ndeer-lah festival, His Royal Majesty the Fon of Nkwen has received Fons of Mbumland.

Led by their President, Fon Kamanda Kimbi, the Fons expressed their joy for the special reception organised in their honour.

"We are happy to be in the royal courtyard of the palace. Your attachment to this festival is of utmost joy to us.

" The journey from Mbumland to Nkwen has not been easy. We have to move several kilometers through Magba and Bafoussam to arrive here. 

" We continue to crave for normalcy to return so that one day, we can also receive you in Mbumland." Fon Kamanda Kimbi spoke to the Fon and notables who turned out.

A college of Fons from Mbumland at Nkwen Fons Palace

The Ndeer-lah festival is a cultural festival that exhibits the culture and traditions of Wimbum. It also showcases the food eaten by the Mbum people and their cultural relics.

Fon Kamanda Kimbi notes that the festival has come with development and Unity amongst sons and daughters of Mbumland.

He invited His Majesty, Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen to take part in the festival like he has done in the past.

Fon Azehfor III (left) of Nkwen 

The Fon of Nkwen saluted the peace loving people from Wimbum land who have contributed to the peace enjoyed by his village as well as the development of the land.

Title holders of Mbumland accompanying the Fons

The Mbum Fons were accompanied by the title holders who will be attending the Ndeer-lah.

The 2024 Ndeer-larh will take place at the esplanade of Blue Pearl Hotel on Sunday 7th April 2024.


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