Senatorial Elections: SDF Launches Campaign Today

Senator Vanigansen MoChiggle, SDF List leader 

The Social Democratic Front party, SDF will this Thursday 2nd March 2023 officially launch their campaigns ahead of the March 12 Senatorial Elections.

The launch will serve as an opportunity for the party to present it's 7 Substantive and 7 alternate members, will act as a sigh of relief to militants of the party.

After springing up an upset in the 2018 polls, the party did not formally hold campaign rallies in Bamenda during the 2018 presidential elections and the 2020 Municipal and Legislative Elections.

The performance of SDF Mayors and Members of Parliament in 2020 have made the race even difficult for the aspirants who must work extra hard if they want to dislodge the CPDM.

The SDF counts 31 of the over 1060 Municipal councillors and zero of the 90 Regional councillors.

List leader and Vice President of the Senate, Vanigansen MoChiggle knows clearly the strategy they put in 2018 to win a region with an inferior number of SDF councillors.

They will need to redouble that this year as the party controls just one of the 34 councils.

The SDF is squaring up against the CPDM party that has put party discipline as their watchword.

While the CPDM has multiplied meetings to ensure that no councillor 'goes astray,' the SDF will be working so sway votes especially from 'disgruntled' councillors.

The polls are set for March 12 and only the SDF and CPDM are competing in the North West. With the SDF having four incumbent Senators in the persons of Vanigansen MoChiggle, Buh Sule Ngam Honore, Kinyang George.

Three new comers Amboufei Diana, Bunyui Emmanuel and Mafogho Inusa.

The SDF is running only in the North West constituency of Cameroon.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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