ICT University: Manufacture of First Ever Cameroonian Satellite in view

Students of ICT University poised to create Cameroon's first satellite 

Cameroonian satellite The ICT University Cameroon has reached an agreement with Nano Satellite Mission for the opening of the satellite manufacturing program in October 2022.

The deal was reached Friday June 3, 2022.The program will benefit the support of two young Cameroonians living in the United States.They include Reine Dominique Ntone Johansen, Space Administrator at NASA and IFriky TADADJEU, President and CEO of Nano Satellite Missions. 

Reine Dominique Ntone is at the center of this pan-African project.  She is the first Cameroonian woman scientist, and the second scientist from her country to succeed in integrating a NASA space program after Dr Ernest Simo, who was the first African to achieve the said feat. 

During a visit to the ICT University last March for the first edition of the ICT Digital forum, Reine expressed her determination to s
eize every opportunity to pass on her passion and give her young compatriots a chance to realize their dreams. The highly selective program will be open to holders of a scientific baccalaureate with a strong background in mathematics and physics. 

The first competitive entrance examination will take place in September 2022.The ICT University is currently accepting applications for the Summer semester. 

Click here to apply https://ictuniversity.org/application-form, Visit our website to know more http://www.ictuniversity.edu.cm/

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