North West Regional Assembly Members Adopt Standing orders

Prof Fru Angwafo III, President North West Regional Assembly 

The standing orders of the North West Regional Assembly have been adopted in the September session after a postponement during the extraordinary session in June.

The adoption came after heated debates between the councillors and members of the Regional executive council. Some councillors called for car and housing allowances to be added to the budget and handed to he councillors each year. A move that contravenes the law instituting the general code of Regional and local authorities.

The President of the North West Regional Assembly, Prof Fru Angwafo III appreciated the councillors for finally having a document that guides their internal functioning

"We have finally gotten a document which will be improved upon as time goes on but it is very important to put order in our deliberations. The very essence of having the standing orders, though they have limitations, some are structural because we are waiting for some instruments of administration. So we have not just the standing orders but indeed a guide of our work in the community" Prof Angwafo III told The Observer.

Members of the Assembly 

On the return to peace and normalcy that has come under increasing threat of recent in the region, Prof Fru called on the councillors to be peace ambassadors. Since all the 34 subdivisions are represented in the assembly, the councillors should engage in building peace back home

"I am painfully asking you to embrace each and everyone and thank our creator for giving us this opportunity. We must refrain from animating and fanning the conflict. If there is one thing we must do, it is to show the light, show the way the young must grow. They will not grow if they're living in the past"

Councillors also adopted a readjustment to the budget to take into account the realities and activities of the assembly till December 2021 to the tune of 147 million francs.

The session that concluded on the 22nd September 2021 saw the announcement of the  imminent construction of a gas plant to reduce the risk of transporting gas from Douala to Bamenda. The project will cost some 5 billion Francs CFA.

The councillors will converge on December for the budgetary session


Toh Clinton Ndong

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