NW Regional Assembly: Councilors brace up to vote budget

Prof Fru Angwafo opens session

The extraordinary session of the North West Regional Assembly has kicked off in Bamenda with a call from the President, Prof Fru Angwafo III, for councilors to ask all their questions for proper clarification.

The session which is expected to last three days will see the councilors drilled on Decentralisation and the region from Cho Ernest Ngu, Director of Human resources at the Ministry of Decentralisation, Secondary Education and the crisis in the region by Ngwang Roland, Regional Delegate of Secondary education and an analysis of a Budget.

These three days will give room for the councilors to vote their budget for 2021 as well as adopt the standing orders of the house.

Regional councilors 

Since their election on December 6th and installation in mid January, the regional assembly has taken six months to eventually kickoff with questions as to how special is the special status.

The councilors will be eager to know how many competences have devolved to the region.

The law setting up the regional council states that the President of the Regional Assembly under the Special status shall be the chief executive of the region. On the ground, appointed administrative authorities still will a lot of power over municipal institutions.

Prof Fru left, Fon Kelvin right
President and Vice of the Regional Assembly 

The opening session this Tuesday, June 1,2021, saw the participation of administrative authorities, Members of Parliament and other elected officials. These stakeholders are meeting in different halls via zoom as the Regional council executive respects barrier measures against COVID-19.

Other regional councils have voted a budget of 3 billion. It is expected that the North West region will vote a similar budget.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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