COVID-19: Second wave attacks, North West officials defend

North West officials on sensitization mission

The second wave of the coronavirus that hit the world since February this year has left over thousands infected and dead. The Northwest region in a recent statistics from the Regional Delegate for Public Health 3,337 persons are presently infected with COVID-19 and 124 persons have died.

Adolphe Lele LAfrique Governor of the North West region, president of the Regional Council and president of the House of Chiefs alongside the Regional Delegate of Public Health have hit the streets of Bamenda Wednesday March 24, 2021,  to preach the reality of the second wave of COVID-19. 

The essence of their visit was to reiterate the importance of wearing face mask and respecting barrier measures put in place by the government of Cameroon. 

"We are here to recall the barrier measures that has been put in place by WHO and the Government of Cameroon to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and I want to remind the population that COVID-19 is back and killing, we should observe the barrier measures. The SDO has told me he has come out here many times and people put on their face masks only when they see him coming and when he leaves they remove them as if they are doing it to please the administration, so be aware that people are dying, and the Regional Delegate for Public Health has disclosed the figures to me. Many people are dying, make sure you wear your facemask and if your unable to do it you better stay at home because the virus is circulating everywhere in the country, in houses, in cars, in schools and everywhere you have to observe the barrier measures." Governor Adolphe 

President Regional Council Fru Angwafor, Governor Adolphe LAfrique, Dr Che Soh Kingsley 

In a bit to clarify the common man in the streets, the Regional Incident Manager/Regional Delegate of public Health Dr Che Soh Kingsley warned the people to be vigilant with massages circulating on Facebook about COVID-19 saying 

"The hospitals, nurses and Doctors are out to treat patients and those infected with COVID- 19 not what we read on social media. The number 1510 is a toll free number that needs no communication credit to get to, call at anytime and we will answer all your questions even that related to coronavirus. "

 "The coronavirus is back and more deadly, if you feel weak, can't taste any sweet drink go to any hospital we will carry out the COVID-19 test and other related diseases like Malaria and typhoid , we will treat you free of charge" Dr Kingsley Che Soh added

More than 1400 persons in the North West region are currently infected with the coronavirus disease and are in hospitals receiving treatment. 

According to statistics, more than 37 persons died in the month of February, 

With the second wave of the pandemic which is more deadly on persons suffering from High blood pressure, diabetes and other related health diseases, the Regional Delegate Dr Che advised them to constantly visit the hospital for their BP to be checked and controlled, 

At the Bamendakwe market, the Regional Delegate emphasized on proper wearing of facemask to cover their mouths and nose, maintaining social distancing of about 1m, avoid parties, wake keeps and limit movements as much as possible.

 "Facemask, Facemask, Facemask all the time"  were the words echoed. 

Formusoh Racheal 

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