As restriction on bikes persist, Bamenda City council provides shuttles


One of the buses to be used

The City Mayor of the Bamenda City Council, Paul Achobong has been authorised to put forth six buses to ply the streets of the Bamenda

The decision was taken in an extraordinary session of the City board on Wednesday 23rd September 2020.

The city councillors voted a deliberation for the buses to ply the streets of Bamenda as taxis are in short supply since the suspension of motorcycles

Motorbikes were suspended from operating within the urban perimeter of Bamenda on September 4th 2020. This caused an increment in the fares of taxis forcing a greater portion of the population to trek

"I really want to thank the city Mayor for providing these shuttles and with a drop at 100 Francs. This will greatly help those of my constituency" a city councillor told The Observer

Mayor Paul Achobong addressing councillors at extraordinary session

After the adoption of the deliberation, the city Mayor was visibly satisfied with this people oriented move 

"So far we have had six buses to transport persons for free temporarily and later in the course of the year, they will be charged 100 frs per drop."

Quizzed on the fate of taxi drivers in town, Mayor Achobong said; 

"We are not trying to put taxi drivers out of business, we are helping them reduce the work load they have considering the number of passengers available on the streets. We also want others to get into the business and get cleaner taxis."

Councillors voting deliberation at extraordinary session

The city Mayor appealed on the consciences of city dwellers to take proper care of the buses because it is aimed at facilitating their movement. Moreover, people of good will both home and abroad have been called to support this gesture for the greater good of all and sundry

The buses will go operational as soon as the insurance and transportation licences are paid. 

Both the security of the driver and passengers will be checked with the help of a metal detector. Users of the shuttle will be scanned to avoid unforeseen circumstances

The shuttle will be stationed at major road junctions in Bamenda I, II and III subdivisions 

Anye Nde Nsoh

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